Collin Austin

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Scooter Pro. Snapchatter. #UCE / #CX Creator.


Mission:  Schedule, Organize, and Eliminate work load from Collin Austin's plate so he maintains focus on big picture priorities.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Working toward the vision of the company and doing so by living up to the core values.
  • Receive all calls for Collin.
    • Call everyone back.
    • Decide what calls Collin should be taking and which should be delegated to other team members.
    • Return all phone calls.
  • Schedule all business meetings for Collin with necessary clients, community members, etc.
  • Organize and Prioritize Collin’s work for maximum efficiency.
    • Execute items on his to do list for him.
  • Determine what tasks Collin should not be focused on and eliminate them from his workload.
    • Administrative Tasks
    • Errands
  • Check Collin’s email, draft replies, determine what needs immediate attention.
  • Perform research


Secondary Responsibilities

  • Assist in branding
    • Transcribe blogs from audio recorded by Collin.
    • Create Pictures for Web Content.
      • Example:  Facebook Headers, etc.
  • Assist with website updates [personal and business].
  • Ensuring Collin eats and prioritizes health.
  • Develop / Facilitate speaking opportunities.


Key Skills and Strengths Needed

  • Adobe (Photoshop / Illustrator)
  • Marketing or Management Background a plus
  • Email Marketing - Mailchimp
  • Social Media [Will assist with business accounts only]
    • Primary focuses:
      • Twitter
      • Snapchat
      • Facebook
      • Instagram

Key Performance Indicators

  • Collin’s evaluation
    • Save Time
    • Save Money
    • Enhance Collin’s productivity
    • Increase revenue through help with marketing, sales, and speaking engagements
    • Save money through efficiency


Key Performance Indicators for All NS4L Positions

  • Your impact on the lives of others
  • How well you know the Mission.
  • How well you know my Vision.
  • How well you know and LIVE the team Core Values.



  • $25,000 - $30,000 / year [depending on experience] + 20% of paid speaking engagements booked by Personal Assistant.
  • Expected 35 - 50 hours / week (average 40 - 45)


Additional Benefits

  • Profit Sharing
  • Paid Time Off
  • Simple IRA with 3% match [after 2 years employment]
  • Cool Swag
  • Entrepreneurial Mentorship


Perfect Candidate

  • Someone who has a real flexible schedule.
    • Willing to travel with Collin or on his behalf.
  • Someone that is excellent at execution.
    • Task received —> Task completed √
  • Someone with a lot of energy [Seriously - You have to be able to keep up with me 😃].
  • Someone outgoing, friendly, and not shy.  Must be able to take charge of a situation.  Can’t be afraid to make decisions.
  • Someone not afraid of hard work.