Collin Austin

Entrepreneur. Speaker. Scooter Pro. Snapchatter. #UCE / #CX Creator.



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I'm not a know-it-all kid that pretends to be something he's not.  I'm not an expert in a lot of things, but my 14 years of experience as an entrepreneur has taught me so much and as I share more and more of these stories with others, I see how it impacts them.  Might as well learn from my screw ups than going out and making your own, right? 

My personal fuel comes from inspiring and empowering others to get out there and do what they love! I ‘fill up my tank’ by speaking to student classes, student organizations, business networks, businesses and teams on numerous topics. Though my engagements have covered a wide-range of business topics, my favorites are the Ultimate Customer Experience, Company Culture, and Social Media.  I also love Q&A and answering the questions YOU have that will bring you (or your group and organization) the most value.

I get extremely passionate when I talk about these topics and bring A LOT of energy. So beware, lol.

If you would be interested in having me work with your organization, please provide some awesomeness below so I can get in touch with you. Thanks!